Renting terms

1) What is the required age and how much driving experience do I have to have for me to be able to rent a car ?

The minimum of age to rent a car is 21 and you need to have a minimum of 1 year of driving experience.

2) How do I make a reservation ?

You can fill in the form on our contact page or click on the “Reserve ” on the car page.

3) How do I pay ?

You can either pay in cash or by card as soon as you have signed the rental contract.

4) Do I have to go to the company’s headquarters to take the car ?

This is not necessary for you to do it, since we will deliver the car in Bucharest, to the Otopeni airport or Baneasa for free.

5) What type of insurance do I have ?

The rented cars have full Casco insurance against accidents and total and partial theft. The passengers and their luggage are not insured. AutoGrand is not to be held responsible for the loss or damage of the objects in the rented car.

6) What does the warranty consist of ?

The warranty is the sum adding to the rental cost, which varies in accordance with the type of car. The car is to be returned in the same state in which it was taken by the customer.